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Tuesday, April 24th 2012

4:43 PM

Forbidden preteen lolita models


Related article: Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 00:13:44 +0000 From: Chicago Sucker Subject: True Stories From A Cocksucker Part 9: "The Three Levels"True Stories From A CocksuckerPart Nine: The Three LevelsBy: Chicago Sucker (chicagosuckerhotmail.com) NOTE: This is a continuation of true stories from my experience as a cocksucker living in Chicago. Fantasy sex is good in it's own way. I always enjoy reading a good story here on the Nifty Archive. But no one can argue that the real thing is much better. So, I decided to write down some of my true experiences and give others a chance to read about more than just some guy's fantasy. I am a real guy with real experiences. I live in Chicago where there are plenty of opportunities to meet and hook-up with men. I am 27 years old, 6 feet tall, 170 ponds, in shape nude ukranian bbs lolita and good looking. If you enjoy reading about my experiences, if you have any comments or questions, or if you want to set up a meeting to "put my talents to the test," feel free to contact me at the forbidden preteen lolita models email address chicagosuckerhotmail.com. THE THREE LEVELSAs a cocksucker, I've learned many things, and I get a lot of emails and messages from other guys asking questions or looking for advice. So, though out these accounts of my true-life experiences, I'll be sharing some of what I learned. This will benefit some of your cocksuckers and deep-throat wanna-be's, but I'm not writing these stories for you. I'm writing these stories for all the aggressive, dominant tops (gay and straight) who deserve to be serviced properly. I get a lot of messages from them asking advice on not just how and where to find a cocksucker, but how to 12 years teen lolitas find one like me, how to train them and get them to do what they want them to do.I've learned there are basically three reasons why a guy wants his cock down a cocksucker's throat. The first reason is obvious, and it really is the reason why any of us do anything, and that is IT FEELS GOOD! Hell, even bottom boys enjoy a good blow job. It's not just the dominant top guys and straights who enjoy it. But what separates these guys from the rest are the remaining two reasons why a guy gets into feeling his cock deep in a cocksucker's throat. One of these reasons is because it's a power trip. Some guys, both gay and straight, get off on their power over another guy. They enjoy degrading fags and cocksuckers and have fun making them do whatever they want. When it comes to throat fucking, these are the guys that like making a cocksucker gag and choke as they put some force into their fuck. These guys also get into bondage, particularly tying the cocksucker's hands behind his back. But it's the small group of guys who take it a step beyond these two reasons when they fuck throat. While they still do it because it feels good and because they get off on their power over a fag, they have one more reason why they do it, and that is to inflict physical pain. These are the guys that use their cocks as weapons. They are a special breed of men, and definitely hard to find, but in my opinion, they deserve the highest level of respect. Let me put this in perspective. The guys who are only in the first category, fucking throat because it feels good, will apologize when they make you gag and ask you if you are ok or if you ls magazine pearl lolita want to stop. The guys in the second category will work to make you gag on purpose, and the sound and feel of a guy choking on their cock gives them a rush of power and increases their pleasure, but they are seldom interested in causing an more discomfort than that. But those guys in the last category have know limits. They laugh when you gag and usually fuck into a cocksucker's throat harder once he starts squirming and showing signs of discomfort. They may ask "Am I hurting you?," but if the cocksucker answers "yes," the response is usually "Good!" and then the fucking is moved into a higher, more intense level.In my true stories so far, I have given examples of some of 14 years lolita gallery these types of guys. Christopher is mostly a level two kind of guy. He enjoys his power over me and gets off on degrading me and making me gag, and usually says something like, "What's the matter faggot? Can't you take my cock? Choke on it you freak!" Christopher usually has some sick, twisted way to degrade me and likes coming up with ways to pleasure him, trying to see where I might draw the line. What I like about him is that he seems to appreciate my willingness to follow orders and my enthusiasm toward pleasuring him. But in my first story, I talked about Joe, the guy who has set up a few group sessions for me. At the end of a long session after sucking a lot of cock for a long time, he gave me a hard face fuck because he wanted to actually add to my discomfort. He even asked if my throat was sore, and when I told him it was, it only made him want to fuck my face harder and longer, and he pounded me good for about 45 minutes that first night. Joe is definitely a level 2 guy with some level 3 qualities, but there have been other guys who I met who have gone way beyond what Joe did. I will expand on some of these guys in this chapter, but really, some of these guys deserve to have their own chapter in this series so that I can really detail what they have done to me.But I wanted to tell you some other true stories, and I'll start nude teen lolita art by telling you about Scott. I met him through an ad I placed about 2 years ago. He was in a serious relationship with another guy at the time, but he wasn't completely satisfied, especially when it came to sex. He saw my ad and thought he'd give me a try. We talked young nude lolita masturbating a little bit through email and then by phone, and what he told me was that he really wanted to be deep throated. His boyfriend wouldn't do it for him, and in fact when they had oral sex, he only sucked the top inch or two and used his hand on the rest. But Scott really couldn't complain, because he did the same thing when he blew his boyfriend. He said he tried to go deeper on him, but he couldn't get past the gagging and one time he almost threw up. So, he was curious to see what it would be like to have a cocksucker take him all the way. I took the train out to the suburbs and he picked me up. It was late the first time me met, after 11:00 PM. And we drove to his place. I remember feeling excited because he said that although his boyfriend didn't live with him, he did have a key and he often came over without notice. He said he was out to the clubs that night and Scott made up an excuse that he was tired and didn't want to go. So even though we had the place to ourselves, his boyfriend could come over and we had to keep an eye out for that. But I was staying the night because the trains were ending for the night, and the next one back to Chicago was at 6:00 AM. When we got into his apartment, he locked the door and we went right to his bedroom. I stripped down to my boxers and a t-shirt while Scott got completely naked. I kneeled in front of him and started licking his cock and balls. He was already almost hard, but because of being nervous he wasn't quite up all the way, so I decided to use my mouth to help him relax. As I sucked on his balls his cock got fully hard and then I started angel lola luv 2005 to suck him, taking as much as I could into my mouth. Scott was a full 8 inches and rather thick and I guess I was taking about half of his cock into my mouth before it stopped at the back on my mouth. I don't know if I mentioned this yet in any of my stories, but I salivate and drool a lot when I suck cock. Sometimes the spit runs down my chin when I'm kneeling. But if the stud is lying on his back and I'm going down on him, my spit runs down his shaft and pools at the base of his cock and balls. So Scott was enjoying the hot wet blow job I was index of lolita pussy giving him. I pushed forward as hard as I could and tried to get him in deeper. But his hard cock wouldn't bend at all. I needed to get a better angle. So I put him on the bed and started by having him lay on his back. I worked his balls and cock some more before finally rolling him over on to me. I was hoping his body weight would make more of his cock go down my throat. But it was obvious we needed to change positions aging to really get it to work. So I went to the position that never fails! I pushed Scott off of me and them repositioned myself into the 69 position with me on the bottom. Scott got over me again and as his cock filled my mouth, I stretched my neck back some to allow him to sink it in all the way. I could actually feel my throat give way as it was stretched open by his cock. But what felt even better was when I heard Scott say, "Oh Fuck!" For the first time in his 22 years of life, Scott has getting his cock deep throated. He tried moving up and down some, but he wasn't used to this kind of fucking, and I was running out of air and started to choke and gag. Now Scott is a level one guy, so of course he immediately pulled out and asked if I was ok and he didn't think we should continue doing it that way, but I told him it was ok. The second time he went down my throat, the same thing happened, only this time I gagged even more. I think I freaked him. Maybe he thought I was going to puke or something. But I'm a good cocksucker and a professional. I know what I am doing. And I always fast for at least 4 hours, if not longer, before getting into serious deep throating. So I wasn't going to throw up no matter how much I gagged and choked. But I also wanted Scott to get the full effect of my deep throat talents. So I took advantage of a pause in his fucking to reposition ourselves again. This time I had him stand at the foot of the bed while I scooted down and hung my head off the edge of the bed. Scott mounted my head again and once again he moaned and said "Hot Fuck!" as he plunged his cock in to the hilt. Because he was new to this and because I wanted to give him the best experience possible, I broke one of my own cocksucking rules. I reached up with my hands and grabbed Scott by the hips and began rocking him back and forth, teaching him it was ok to take long, full strokes in and out of my throat. This also allowed me to take breaths more often and therefore I was able to adjust and weaken my gag reflex as he fucked my throat. This felt so good to Scott that he came pretty fast. I had taken my hands off of his hips once he got into his own rhythm, so I wasn't prepared when he came. He pulled out and shot his load on my face. It was a huge load and as he was shooting I luckily closed my left eye right before he shot on it. I could feel a pool of his hot cum over that eye, and his cum was on my nose, cheeks, chin, chest and in my hair. I wanted him to shoot in my throat, but Scott and his boyfriend do not swallow each other's cum and he was just used to pulling out when he came. He apologized for making a mess (only level one guys apologize) and went to get me a towel. By the time he got back, I had already fed most of his load to myself using my fingers. 12 years teen lolitas He couldn't believe I was eating it and at first I think he was a little grossed out by it. But he later wrote in an email message that no one had ever eaten his load before and that he thought it was hot. Now Scott is a good looking young guy, so I was glad I was able to do this for him and be the first one to both deep throat him and eat his sperm. It made me feel happy to know this. We ended up sleeping but woke early, around 4 AM, and I blew him again and we got into our deep throat position so that he could do it to me one more time. We knew our hook ups would be sporadic seeing that he was in a relationship and we had to be careful about when and where we could meet. He took me back to the train station in time to catch the first train back to Chicago. We kept in touch and tried to hook up a few times after that, but something usually came up that made him back out. But we did hook up not too long ago. Again I took the train out to his place. By now, his boyfriend had moved in with him, but he was working until 8 PM. I left work early to take asian lolitas 24 7 the train out to the suburbs, and Scott picked me up there at 6:00 after he was out of work, That gave us about 30 minutes once we got to his place to get me out of there and back on the train before his boyfriend got home. This time we got right down to it. Scott locked the screen door knowing his boyfriend didn't have the key, just in case he came home early. I followed him to their bedroom and he quickly got naked. I remember thinking "that was fast!" but he was wearing a t-shirt, sandals, and those nylon workout pants with no underwear, so he was naked in seconds. I didn't bother getting undressed at all, but kneeled down to start sucking him. Scott let me suck for maybe a minute until he said, "Get into that position so I can go deep," and I climbed on the bed and hung my head over the edge for him. What followed was a deep, hard, pounding throat fuck. I remember thinking Scott really caught on to this! Even though I gagged, he didn't stop to ask if I was alright. He just kept going. And he was definitely lost in the good feeling. He was saying the word "fuck" a lot. He came pretty fast again, and it was a big load. But this time he didn't pull out. I could feel his cum squirting in my throat. When he came, he just pushed in all the way and unloaded. Afterwards it was like a mad rush to get me out of there and back on the train to Chicago before the boyfriend got home. I didn't mind. It was actually hot knowing that I was just being used for pleasure. Scott and I recently found out that my south side apartment isn't too far from where he works, so he's thinking of maybe setting up a regular pattern of nooners. Of course, I will gladly make myself available, even if it means lying to get out of work or taking time off if I have to!One of my ads placed about a year ago, resulted in me meeting Nick. Here is the original message that showed up in my mailbox:"Hey I am a twenty year old dominant male who would very mush like to get together with you and command you to my own satisfaction. I will make you lick every inch of my body and then make you take all seven angel lola luv 2005 inches of my cock in your mouth until nude teen preteen lolita I cum. If this sounds good to you let me know." Of course I wrote him back with more information and sent him my web site with pictures of me I was actually begging him for a chance to meet. He wrote back:"Hi, well if there is one thing I like, it's a begging cocksucker. I liked your site and I have high hopes for your talents. When can we get together? It better be soon because I can't wait to get you and my cock alone with each other. Do you have a place where we can do this? Let me know what your availability is. later."I quickly replied with my phone number and information about where I live and what my schedule is like. He wrote back:"You are such a little slut bitch. I can't wait to make you suck my dick until I unload with streams of hot cum in the back of your mouth, and not let you come up until it is all swallowed. Then I'll make you eat out my ass until I'm hard again so we can do it all over again. Sound good to you? It better!"Now, I've included Nick's messages to show what his intentions were. He is clearly a level 2 guy, into nude lolita preview pics degrading and humiliating fags and getting off on the power of it. And it was hot when we were together because he was very verbal, calling me faggot and cocksucker. He was a young nude lolita masturbating young cocky guy with a nice body, but his cock wasn't that big. Maybe 6.5" if I pulled on it hard! But he was very dominating and commanding, and the right attitude often makes up for an average cock. So, I keep in touch with Nick and let him know I'm available if he wants to get together again. He has a girlfriend now, so he hasn't been too interested. So, I don't push it with him. I'll just be ready in case he ever wants to hook again.Another reply to my ad resulted in this message:I am 34 y/o 200# 6'2" blond hair blue eyes. I am a dominant top. I like to give orders and have them obeyed. You looking for some cute twink then I ain't your boy. Looking for a man then here I am. I am tender when I need to be but mostly like it rough. Ever been raped??? Had your clothes torn off and forced to service? Do you want to come by Tuesday to my place and get your face fucked??? Let me know.I wrote back for more information and sent him my pictures, web site address and phone number. We talked by phone and set up a meeting. He gave the directions to his place and how to get there by train. I got there earlier than planned, so I walked around before I buzzed his apartment. I knew he wanted his orders followed and that it would be disrespectful for me to arrive earlier than he told me to. When I got into his apartment, he closed and locked the door behind me and didn't really say anything. I was wearing the clothes he asked me to wear: jeans t-shirt, white briefs, white socks, and tennis shoes. He was everything he said he was. He wasn't a twink, he wasn't a pretty boy. In fact, I wouldn't have guessed he was even gay. He was a good looking, strong man and I knew I was lucky to be there in his apartment. This particular encounter happened quite a while ago, and we only hooked up once since then, big dicks lolicons girls but I did get an email from him a few weeks ago asking to hook up, but I was out of town that weekend. Anyway, like I said, this was while ago and the details are a bit foggy, but here's what I remember: he made me undress him. I took off his clothes and he talked trash to me the whole time, asking me if I liked what I saw and if seeing and touching his body made my cock hard. Things started out slow with me kneeling in front of him while he kneeled on the couch. I did all the usual stuff: sucked on his cock, licked his balls, sucked his nipples and licked his chest and armpits. The more he talked trash, and the longer I worked his body, the hornier he became. He started getting more active, grabbing my head, pushing me around, giving angel lola luv 2005 me orders. I ended up backed against the wall in his living room while he stood and fucked my mouth very hard. A couple times my head actually banged against the wall and this turned him on even more. I'd say this guy was a boarder line level 3, and that he was taking pleasure in hurting me. But he didn't take it to the extreme as some guys have. And like I said, there will be future chapters dedicated to some of these guys.I hope this provides further insight into my own psychology as well as that of the guys who contact me through personal ads, chat rooms and phone lines. More true stories will be posted soon!For more information about me and my experiences, please write to me. I answer all my emails. Of course, preference asian lolitas 24 7 is given to dominant aggressive top guys who want to tell me more about themselves, what they expect from sick fucks like me, and details about hooking up for real. I'm in Chicago, but I travel a lot. So, write to me at chicagosuckerhotmail.com.
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